Parents! Join Mr. Jerome's Mission

 in Helping Your Kids to Radiate Confidence, to Exhibit Courage, to  Exemplify Character

 in Our Youth Martial Arts Program!

     There are so many challenges kids are facing on a daily basis. However, there is one challenge that kids seek out martial arts to overcome and that is ... BULLYING.

     I have asked students WHY they want to learn martial arts?  

     The most frequent answer I receive is "I want to learn how to protect myself."

     Learning to respond to bullying to be STRONG in Confidence and Courage ... so they may have the strength to Stand Up for their PrinciplesHonor, Health, and Well-Being is really what kids are after.

     The first response is radiating CONFIDENCE. 

     It is known...that bullies will pick on kids who APPEAR to have a low self-image and low self-confidence...because they appear to be easy targets and they won't fight back.  However, kids can learn to present themselves in a way that makes them less of a target without changing their individual uniqueness.

     The second response is exhibiting COURAGE.

     Despite appearances, bullies don't know that "you don't judge a book by its cover."  Kids may appear to be introverted, bashful, and soft-spoken. However, that doesn't mean they are push-overs. Kids can find the Courage within themselves to stand up for what is right.

     Both of these principles, Radiating Confidence & Exhibiting Courage can easily be learned.  

     Our program focuses on developing these two principles by using the special training drills and techniques of the martial arts.

     This means students learn the following:

  • Learn to stand tall and believe in themselves
  • Overcome being "Frozen from Fear" in the face of a Bully
  • Develop Super Fast responses when someone tries to hurt them
  • Learn the Best Escapes for the most common physical attacks
  • Develop "Awesome" Eye, Hand and Feet coordination
  • Learn How to treat others in social interactions

     While kids are drawn to the martial arts because they want to  "protect themselves."  They ultimately, gain the biggest benefit...which is they become stronger in their CHARACTER.  

     They learn to be the best person they can be.

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