How Often Do You Use Your Martial Arts?

Hi Everyone! (Parents & Kids),

I get asked this question all the the time.  I tell my students and others... that I use my Martial Arts EVERY day!

In my eyes...I view the study of Martial Arts as the "Ultimate Social Skills" training course ever designed.

We are taught how to interact with others at the very first class.

We learn when we are interacting with others, we greet them with confidence and treat them with respect... and when we are being disrespected in the most extreme manner (being attacked), we exhibit courage and exemplify character in our response.

Using Martial Arts every day encourages us to be courteous and respectful and builds our confidence in ourselves to be problem solvers to overcome extreme interactions.

Remember to: Radiate Confidence, Exhibit Courage, and Exemplify Character.

Live Fearless!

Mr. Jerome Nojima

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