"I am NOT afraid anymore... "

Just this past Monday, I took my daughter (3 years old) and son (2 years old) to the playground after work.  The playground had a Jungle gym that multiple slides, climbing walls, monkey bars.

For the past few weeks we had been going to that same playground, and my daughter would say to me,  "those slides are too scary...daddy!, too scary!"  She would walk up the steps to the top, then walk back down...even though there were other kids going down those slides.

However, on this day... I saw my little girl, overcome her fear.  She walked up to the top of the Large Spiral Slide, sat down and went down it.  She had a huge grin... she was smiling all the way down.  I was standing on the bottom watching her make her way down safely.

The first thing she said, "I am NOT afraid anymore... Daddy!"

She got off the slide and ran back to climb back up to the top again.  She made many trips down the spiral slide that day.  

I was so proud of her... I was smiling from ear to ear.

(On another note, my son is just fearless at age 2. I chased him to the top and had to stop him from going down the slide.  He is wide open.)

I am so glad at 3 years old she is learning to "Live Fearless."

Remember to Radiate Confidence, Exhibit Courage, and Exemplify Character!

Mr. Jerome

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