Your Name Is Worth > $$$? ... How to Increase Your Value ... Your Worth It!

Hi Everyone! (Parents & Kids),

These days... when you ask someone what is your worth?  They think in terms of the dollar $ bills.  His/Her parents make a lot of money... They are worth a lot, they have the newest gadgets, and name brand clothes.

There is another type of "Worth" that I would like to share my thoughts with you about.  It is "Trustworthiness".  This goes beyond the $$$.

Trustworthiness is the personal state or quality of being reliable or trustworthy. (wikipedia)

Your NAME is so valuable... it is really PRICELESS!  

As you keep your word to someone.  You say your going to do something and you get it done in a timely manner.  You earn their trust.

People remember your NAME for being trustworthy and reliable.

At the beginning of each of my sessions with new students, I describe to them the meanings of the "BOW" in my martial arts program.  

The "BOW" has a few different meanings...1st it means "Respectful Greetings", 2nd it means "Thank You" for sharing this time with me, and 3rd it means "I promise to do my very best as a martial arts instructor to help them to learn and understand the principles/techniques."

When someone says who is your martial arts instructor?  and they say Mr. Jerome.  I want them to say it very proudly.  I want them to remember Mr. Jerome as being a very trustworthy martial arts instructor because i did my best to help them.

Remember, Your Name is valuable... Increase its value by earning the trust of others and you'll also earn their respect, and friendship for which you really cannot put a price tag on.

Remember to:  Radiate Confidence, Exhibit Courage, and Exemplify Character.

Live Fearless!

Mr. Jerome Nojima

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